Minor Remodel

The baby chicks are not so baby any more, and we're only a couple weeks away from them living outside full-time. So to welcome them to the clubhouse, we made some modifications to the perches and feeders.

Remodeled chicken room

Pretty simple stuff: we lowered one perch and moved it forward, then put in another, higher up above where the first had been. Carole and Liza have decided they like the upper perch best.

At the same time, we cut the little poop guard apart and put sections of it lower down, above the food and supplement bins. That will serve to protect the bins better. While we were in there, I noticed the curtain on the nest box was starting to get a bit ragged in one corner, so some repairs are in order.

The little ones hardly noticed us, being more involved in checking out the chicken yard. We've had them outside during the day a couple of times now. The bigs really were not happy about that, especially Carole. but she'll come around eventually.

Chicks on the chicken gym

In the meantime, our neighbors (three of the chicks are theirs) spent the weekend making one of the most awesome chicken yard/hutch setups ever, with a reused kids' play house and all kinds of random pieces from other projects. I don't have any photos, but when they get it finished I will be sure to take some.

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posted by ayse on 08/10/09