The Smallest Changes

One of the things that having the walls open in the dining room has allowed us to do is fix the iffy wiring (and the outright dangerous and terrifying wiring, as well, of course). The most profound of those changes has been adding a new light switch for the overhead light.

This is where the only light switch in the room used to be: by the side door, which made sense back when the house was divided up into two units and the door into the hallway was closed off. Well, it sort of made sense, but not much.

Original sole light switch in the room

If, say, a person were to walk from the front of the house to the only functional bathroom in the place in the dark, the path that person would have to take was something like this:

Original path to the light switch

And given the way we have dog toys and tools lying around the place, that path was often marked by stubbed toes and cursing.

So when we took the walls down we decided to add a switch by the door into the hallway, like so:

Adding light switch position

And now you can turn the light on without walking halfway across the room in the dark. Noel was so excited about it that he went in and out switching the light off and on just because he could.

The new path to the light switch

We still have the switch by the door, but I'm guessing we're going to use this one a lot more often.

(By the way, we're still planning to put up drywall on Saturday, if anybody wants to join us. It promises to be a lot less filthy as a job.)

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posted by ayse on 11/05/09