Shipshape and Watertight

Another morning on the roof, and we have a repaired roof!

Same routine: he shingled up the valley:

Shingling up the valley

The shingled up the plane of the roof to the peak.

Shingling up the plane of the roof

The real challenge was that as I mentioned, the peak of the bay roof sloped the wrong way. While you can shingle it as if it were a witch's cap, that's frought with peril and likely to cause leaks in the future, so instead Noel shimmed up the peak to make it slope the right way. You can see that the shingles are tucked nicely under the ones coming down from the rest of the roof, the better to shed water.

Shingled peak

All finished, and now we are watertight for this El Nino winter. Of course, it's supposed to be warm and sunny this week, so we won't get to appreciate our new roof for a while, but when it does rain we'll be up in the attic with flashlights checking for any renegade leaks.

Look at that peak

I must say, we weren't hugely worried about getting the roof done before the rain started, but now that it is done, it's a real relief. No more bucket arranging in the attic in the winter!

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posted by ayse on 12/02/09