Watching Paint Dry

So exciting to have visible progress that I give you these two pictures of progress on the dining room:

First, we have the ceiling taped off for painting. I used to try to freehand the edges, but I've gotten a bit smarter about my own limits lately and now everything gets masked.

Taping off the ceiling for painting

And here we have it with the ceiling painted. We still have to do some touching up, but we're ready to move on to the walls today once that is done.

Ceiling painted, with Schwa

In protest over all the dog pictures, this one includes a guest appearance from Schwa, our new kitty (he's been here just over a week). Schwa is about 3, male, and full of spit and vinegar. He's getting along with the dogs very nicely, thanks, but finds stain-blocking primer a bit off-putting.

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posted by ayse on 12/24/09


Looking good! I won't recognize the room next time I see it in person. Well, the floor is still unforgettable :-)

The floor is something else, isn't it? But we're going to rip it up after Christmas, and see what the surface is like under the plywood. So you won't know where you are at all! Only the pink trim as an orienting feature.

That's it. I'm painting my ceiling pink. I just love the color, what shade of pink is it?

I like the warm tone to the ceiling.

Isn't it amazing. I tell people about pink ceilings and they look at me like I'm insane. Admittedly, it's not as if we don't have enough pink in this house. But at night the light is incredibly flattering, and it really warms a room up in a subtle way. Up on the ceiling (and to be fair, our ceilings are nearly 12 feet up), the pink just sort of disappears.

The shade we use is Benjamin Moore "Pink Lace" #2081-60. For lower ceilings or less bright rooms, you might want to go a shade lighter.

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