Let There be Light

The one thing that wasn't really working in the dining room was the light. There was not enough of it, and the fixture had some issues, as well.

The old light fixture

We actually considered, at 7pm on Christmas Eve, trying to find a new fixture before dinnertime the next day. Fortunately, every hardware store within easy driving distance was well closed by that time, so we dined by the light of a single bulb.

Over the weekend, though, we went out to find a decently bright light fixture. It had to meet three criteria: 1. cheap, 2. bright, and 3. not totally offensively wrong in the space. It turns out that's harder than you might think, but we finally found a $60 fixture at Home Depot that would take five 60W bulbs (which meant we could put 5 1300-lumen fluourescents in it for LOTS OF LIGHT).

Noel did the wiring part and I assembled the bottom, then he attached the two parts.

Noel assembles the lighting fixture

We hung it fairly low, because it will be over the table most of the time. But it can loop up for dances or if we have indoor dog wrestling events. Or when we move all the furniture out again so we can rip up the floor.

The new light in place

We just need to patch up the gap in the ceiling.

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posted by ayse on 12/29/09