Garden Report: February 27

I think it's spring! Evidence:

Magnolia tree in bloom

Time to prune off that funny branch that started growing straight up this year. Also, notice that I've been out killing Bermuda grass with Roundup during our brief dry spells.

This week has been all about moving the pile. Well, when I was not in San Jose for a convention, that is. Here is some perspective on the pile of wood chips:

That's one heckuva pile

In one afternoon, I moved a large chunk off the streetward side, enough so that Noel could fit his car in the driveway, too. But there's still plenty to work through.

The pile in the driveway

But apart from the pile, we have the spring blooms beginning. The first nectarine blossom was at the way top of the tree, so no picture, but let's take another look at that magnolia:

Magnolia bloom

And out back, the species tulips are opening up. These are "Lady Jane," plus little fuzzy bee friend.

Bees in the tulips

It feels like a really early spring, but that's not surprising given how wet and yet surprisingly warm it has been this year.

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posted by ayse on 02/27/10