Happy Halloween

We don't usually decorate for Halloween. Not because we don't get into it, but because we are fundamentally lazy about decorations in general (ask us how many times we have put up a Christmas tree).

This year I decided to take advantage of the fact that our front hedge is crowded with Bermuda grass. I went to the store and bought some plastic limbs, and arranged them in horrifying poses:

Arm in the hedge

It's actually a bit too subtle in the dark, I think, but in the daylight if you are walking by it might just strike you that that looks like....

Subtle arm in the hedge

Maybe the score is Roses-1, Gardener-0.

The gardener

And just to show how over-achieving we're being this year, we carved a pair of pumpkins:


Our favourite smiley. And how to turn a pumpkin into a root vegetable:


Ah, Unix jokes. We crack ourselves up.

OK, so we've got nothing on the Neumanskys, who do a multimedia song and dance number every October. I went down to their house to take some nice high-quality photos of their display for them, and let's just say that we're never going to reach that sort of level of attention to detail.

The Neumansky Pumpkin Patch

But I think with a little planning and a decent casting table (not to be confused with a casting couch, of course), I can make some very weird and interesting decorations for next year.

posted by ayse on 10/31/10