Overextending Ourselves

When I finally got our permit drawings done, we made some drastic changes (like sinking the water tank down and changing the shape and height of our deck) and we decided we might as well add the bathrooms into the mix. So some more drawings, some careful reading of the new plumbing code (the last few years have made for a lot of changes in codes in California), and we're ready to apply for a permit to do the other two bathrooms, which is really part of the foundation completion, anyway.

Upstairs bathroom, cleared out

Last week I rather enthusiastically emptied the upstairs bathroom to prepare. And the stuff we had stowed in there needs to find a new home, because it's obviously not going to live in our bathroom in the future. Some of the work I have to do over the next week is clear all the boxes and stuff now piled in the hall to their new homes.

Pulling up the old flooring

This afternoon we pulled up the cruddy old flooring, more because we wanted to do something than for any practical reason. The floor is bad, but not as bad as it could have been. (Naturally, all the animals had to get in on the action.)

We're holding off on opening up any walls until I have the permit in hand, which should happen this week, since I think we're now in strictly over-the-counter territory for work to be done. I still have a bunch of stuff to move around to new locations, and I have a couple of other projects I need to get going on (most notably my rose hedge retaining wall, which I will start this week), but it felt really good to pull up that cheap flooring. (And check out the weird repair to the floor over in the corner.)

posted by ayse on 01/23/11