The Weather Will Ruin This

The weather report tells me, tonight, that rain will start Monday and go all of next week.

Finished driveway side

So perfect timing for having gotten one side of the trench perfectly dug out with nice neat sides, dammit.

I spent much of my time today digging out some of the roses that were dangerously close to the spoils pile -- one had gotten completely buried and one was very close. That meant not as much progress on the other side, but to be honest I was pretty tired today. Oddly, my wrists are where I'm feeling the work the most. I'm looking forward to taking tomorrow off.

Today's statistics:
People stopping to suggest I hire them to finish the job: 3
People saying "lots of work": 3
Worms cruelly decapitated by the shovel: 8
Roses moved: 7

posted by ayse on 02/11/11


Throw a tarp over it?

I don't know how effective that would be for a week of rain. I'm going to move the spoils piles even further back (what fun!) and hope that helps.

Maybe a rough frame inside would help stabelize the interior walls then wait til it is fairly dry to remove also put a tarp over the whole thing so water can drain to lower level towards walkway?

Perhaps you could stuff it with straw bales, or something else that would come out more easily than the original fill, and yet still hold most of the shape.

Or dig a drain basin at a low spot in it and install a sump pump. A ... temp sump pump.

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