Barred and Ready

Tomorrow at midday, rain or shine, we will get our first delivery of concrete, for the footings of the retaining wall. Yesterday evening we finished up the last of the rebar in one quick work session.

Rebar finished on the small U side

Things went reasonably fast because Noel had had a fit of work on Friday afternoon and bent up all the column pieces we'd need. And with excellent timing, too, because just as we were finishing up the sun was setting and it was starting to rain.

Site overview

It's starting to look and feel like a wall. Tomorrow will really make a difference (then we have the long slow slog to build the formwork).

posted by ayse on 03/06/11


It's looking good! In 500 years, the house may be gone, but that wall will probably still be there :-)

Glad you guys know what you're doing, 'cause I'm lost. Can't wait to see the final result!

Gene, this wall and our foundation. :)

I cannot wait to see the formwork take shape! I've always wondered how those boards are put together to withstand the tremendous forces that cubic yards of concrete must exert on them.

Got a little surprise for you here!

There are a couple of simple tricks to making formwork stay in place during concrete placement. I'll make sure to take good photos when we get there.

And thanks for the hat-tip. I'm pretty impressed by your small-farm efforts, as well.

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