Garden Report: March 26

Holy cow has it been raining.

Wheelbarrow full of water

This wheelbarrow was empty a week ago.

We've spent much of the last, rainy week outside, walking around, calling Dot's name, because she managed to squeeze herself through a tiny little hole in the cat room, into the attic, and then jump from the attic to the ground. Yeah, well, she's 11 months old and still invincible. Also, it's only about 12 feet so under the right circumstances I would consider it, myself.

(If I could fit through the hole in the eave, which even as a skeleton I would not.)

Anyway, our 11-month old kitty is out in the rain, so we've been out in the rain, too, getting wet and trying to get her to come out. It's better than being inside, where the boy kitties are looking for her and making quite a racket.

On Thursday I decided to take advantage of the flash floods and hailstorms to call off the search and spend an afternoon at the Garden Show in San Mateo.

Some succulents from the Flower Show

I think one of the best ideas in plant sales are the little tiny pots of succulents for a couple dollars each. It's easy to get a few, and you hardly feel like you spent anything. The vendor that had these was also selling succulent wreath and wall box forms, but I'm going to put them in a strawberry pot. I don't really have any walls suitable for growing succulents on.

Phalaenopsis orchid

I also impulse-bought some cute little Phalaenopsis orchids. I'm not much of an orchid person (but wait, it actually gets better), but I have been wanting some more flowers inside.

Phalaenopsis orchid #2

I have them in the bathroom, which has the best light for plants in the house, apart from the kitchen window. It is also safer for plants that don't like being knocked over or eaten by cats (not that any of our cats are that into messing with plants).

Twinkle orchid

So, given that I'm not an orchid person, why on earth did I buy this cute little Oncidium 'Twinkle'? Well, Noel admired one in bloom at the orchid show last year, and also, it was free with a couple of Cymbidium that I bought.

New Cymbidiums

Well, all I can say is that I was feeling very down about Dot being missing.

I also bought a tree peony, a very fragrant pink variety.

Tree peony in the side garden

That is along the West wall. I really hope it does well there because it was a little bit of an impulse purchase (I've wanted this one for years but didn't really have a place to put it) and I'd rather not have to move it.

Chicken yard extension progress

Oh, and the chickens are doing quite well with their little chicken yard extension. They seem to have no interest in going over the fence at all, which is great. I wish the same could be said of the dogs, who have been breaking in there several times a day. It makes me want to electrify the fence. At least we are getting to the end of the weeds in that section, and soon the chickens will be back in their own yard again.

Cherry blossoms

And the cherries are in bloom! Happy spring, everybody.

posted by ayse on 03/26/11