The weather actually cooperated today: though it was overcast and occasionally threatened rain, it stayed clear and workable all day.

After moving piles of soil

So we went out and moved soil to backfill around the wall. And put the trellis back in place, if only to get it out of the driveway. (It's secured to the retaining wall with masonry fasteners, so no worries about it blowing over.)

I still have some work to do on the front beds, but that is not going to happen right away.

Bed between the houses, mulched over

One thing I started working on was this bed between our house and the green house; I'd talked about it with the owners and the tenants, and we're going to do a bed of low-water perennials there. Some of them I will need to build up over time, but I do have a few pots of plants I can put there right away.

The remains of the pile

I actually kind of hope it does rain tonight, and the rain helps wash the rest of the pile into the low spots. We didn't finish moving it because we had other things we really wanted to get done this weekend. I'm going to wait to move the roses until I do my major pruning in July, and the pile is kind of stacked around them, so we just didn't move it all.

posted by ayse on 06/05/11


Congrats! It looks awesome. I can't wait to see it in the height of summer, with all the plantings established.

What a great surprise! I leave my Google reader for a couple weeks and when I open it up I get a beautiful picture of your lovely! finished! wall. With roses behind it, no less. It think it matches the house very well... you probably added a bunch of resale value just in curb appeal. You must be so proud!

I'm hoping to never find out the resale value of this house, but thanks. :)

I haven't moved the roses yet, because it's the wrong time of the year, but we moved a bunch of pink California poppies over onto the small side to fill it in for now.

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