Weekend Project Time

We've had what seem to be months of weekends where we're just barely keeping up with maintenance, no chance to work on projects and get more things fixed up. This weekend feels like no exception to that.

Noel cutting slots in plywood

This afternoon Noel went down to the basement to work on the wine rack some more. He improved my slot-cutting jig and went to work.

One end of the wine rack finished

He got one end finished off; the other end needs similar work.

Street tree base

I did some weeding, clearing out the dog-pee soaked grass around the street tree. I figured I'd done the heavy-duty litter box change and yard de-pooping this morning, so I was already gross and might as well get this nasty job over with.

Tree base cleaned up

It looks marginally better now, but I still don't quite know what to do with that area. It gets abused by dog walkers all the time, so I don't want to make it require too much hand-weeding. It's where people get out of their cars, so it can't be too tall. It gets water in the winter but not much during the summer (though I suppose I could run an irrigation circuit over there; it's not as if we don't have water to spare in the sump). The neighborhood kids stomp and romp and ride bikes on it.

I'm halfway convinced I should just buy a pre-planned hell strip garden and leave it at that, but wonder how effective that will be against the many assaults the area gets now.

Tomorrow I'm going to get out the roundup and attack the Bermuda grass that is making a move on, oh, everything.

posted by ayse on 08/20/11