We Finished Something!

While I went off and did other things today, Noel fixed the router (in addition to having a worn out part, it needed some connections resoldered). Then he powered away at the last bits of the wine rack.

Wine rack

Pretty nice. It will take us quite a while to fill that up. Seriously: we have enough wine to fill one cubbyhole right now. But there are plenty of other things we can store in this shelving.

While he was doing that, I went off to Annie's to take advantage of their Labour Day sale -- 20% off plants and merchandise. I love their merchandise but can't quite justify coming home with an enormous ceramic pig right now, so I just got some plants for my revitalization of the front planting beds.

Plants from Annie's Annuals

A salvia, a funky fun iris, a couple of elfin thyme, a few odds and ends. I'll spend some time this weekend finishing the brick edging and killing Bermuda grass, and maybe I can plant some things, too.

posted by ayse on 09/03/11