Stairs, Painted

There's nothing really challenging about painting stairs. They're flat, they're arranged in front of you, no ladders needed.

Primed and ready for a coat of paint

I just made it a little harder on myself by deciding to make grape jam at the same time. (A friend brought me an enormous box of grapes from her own vines.)

The primer coat went on very nicely, in between my stripping a bazillion grapes off the stems and cleaning them, and then slipping all the skins off.

Painted, one coat

The top coat was even faster, as top coats are.

I am still going to put yet another coat of paint on there, as soon as the heat wave that started when I took out a can of paint dies down. But they're looking pretty good.

Grape jam

As is the jam. Once again I made more jam than really makes sense, and all I have left are pint jars (which I normally consider a bit large for jam). We will just have to cope.

posted by ayse on 09/20/11