More Fun With Our Neighbors' House

So I figured I would make a short follow-up to our last post about our neighbors' paint job and re-trimming of their house. They told me to thank everybody who commented and say you gave them a lot of good ideas. Richard is already plotting to put the ladder up and take impressions of the scrollwork for duplication.

Karen Anne asked to see the two facades -- the neighbors' house and our house -- to compare them. I couldn't easily find a photo of the whole front of our house (I have too many photos to just sort through them), so I took another.

The front of our neighbors' house

The neighbors' house.

The front of our house

Our house.

They have plans to put in the corbels on the sides of the single window, like we have. As you can see, our cornice detail is actually a lot shorter than theirs; that's the change in fashion between building one house and the other.

And, well, they have most of their siding on their house. These things happen. I'm pretty happy with how the hydrangeas are filling in by the stairs, myself. Small pleasures.

I need to get their painter's name and contact info and put it up here, as well. His work is outstanding.

posted by ayse on 11/19/11


Ah, yes, your window above the porch looks so much better than the neighbors'.

Would it be crass to ask how much they shelled out for the paint job and how long it took?

I'm noticing that the tops of the downstairs windows are rounded, and that although the tops of the upstairs windows in the bay are not, the detail makes them appear to be. Maybe something to think about for detailing that window over the porch.

I'm not sure how much the actual paint job was; they also had the painter do a lot of carpentry work repairing the trim around the bay window. I know it was measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

As for duration, I think work started in May. Everything is on hold now while the rain messes with us (one day of rain, three days of none, repeat).

I notice that on your house the single window over porch has a much heavier cornice. It is high enough as to come close to the roof cornice. The side brackets also tie in with the roof cornice. Your window seems to tie in better with the rest of the facade.

I do love the paint colors and detail on their house. It stands out but is dignified.

That's right, Rick, and it's because while our house has a hip roof that comes down lower in front, while our neighbors have a simple gable roof with a raised facade.

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