A Little Trim

While I have been painting hive bodies (still working on it; today was disrupted by social events as is usual in December), Noel did a nice little tiny project in the dining room.

Baseboard prep

He'd stripped this piece of trim, though the top came off when we were removing it so it needed a little repair.

Empty wall

This is the place it needed to go. The small crack here leads directly down into the basement, and anything that gets dropped or shed on the floor rains down on our storage racks below. We wanted to put the trim back to make that stop, or at least slow down.

Bottom of baseboard in place

Noel cut the top of the bottom board level so that he could make a clean repair, then screwed the board in place.

Repair in place

We don't have 150-year-old heart redwood lying around, so he made a patch with a piece of plywood. At some point we are getting most of our trim remilled, but this will do for now, especially once it is painted.

It's not pretty, but it works

It's not exactly pretty, but it does the job. The wood trim in this house is pretty trashed; this is actually one of the better pieces. This was always paint-grade wood, though these days paint grade means something much yuckier than in 1876. Anyway, we'll paint it white and it won't look quite so horrible.

posted by ayse on 12/18/11


That's a brave man to work directly on the floor, or is the floor slated for replacement?

The floor is slated for replacement. Or rather, for tearing the layer of vinyl tiles and plywood off and refinishing the original.

Your baseboard is similar to ours. I think Victoriana carries a match to yours. If not, when you have trim milled, have you yet decided on stain-grade or paint-grade? Just curious...

The short answer is that we haven't actually decided yet. Our woodwork was originally painted, and I'm not crazy about the dark woodwork look, but for the cost we might want the added value of unpainted woodwork.

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