Garden Report: April 5

I cannot believe how much I love having a garden that was tidied up for me. Even the fact that I am still not done moving that pile of weeds into the chicken yard does not bother me. Or the pile of mulch in the truck that we're going to have to move if we're going to pick up lumber this weekend for the deck.

Quince tree leaning

Of course, I still have work to do. The quince tree is at a precarious angle, and I'm going to stake it before we have to take the drastic measures that were required with the magnolia. But that's far less intimidating than weeding out every bed and mulching them over.

Mulberries in bloom

In the meantime, the later fruit trees have started blooming. Like the mulberries.

Pink apple blossoms

And the pink apple.

Willow blossoms

And even though it's not a fruiting tree in the classical sense, the willow blossoms are out, which is always a good sign. It's interesting to see which trees bloomed early this year because of the weather change, as compared to those which seem to be triggered more by the sunlight.

Poppy monster in bloom

We might even get a nice big crop of poppyseeds from the poppy monster, if it keeps up this crazy work. Note to self: buy more poppies from Annie's in the fall. This is awesome.


And I do love these native bedding plants, like baby blue eyes. It's one of the few natives that will tolerate a wet bed, probably mostly because it is a winter/spring annual.

Out for a hand ride

Also, I took the chicks out for a runaround in the garden today, but they refused to get into a box for transporting to the yard in favour of roosting on my arm. And then they refused to get off my arm and run around on the ground, so I walked them all over the place and showed them the sights. It's funny how each batch of chicks has its personality.

posted by ayse on 04/05/12