Chicken Stoop

The chickens like to kick dirt out of their yard. The dirt kind of piles up outside, and nothing much grows in it because we're always walking over it. It just makes it hard to get the door of the chicken yard open.

In the winter that area gets muddy, and sometimes I throw down mulch to help with that, which is exactly the opposite of how to deal with an area where the soil is building up. So this weekend I decided to do what I should have done a while ago and make a little paved area outside the gate.

Chicken yard stoop

I had a bunch of paving blocks and bricks our neighbor gave us, so I kind of worked a little crazy-paved area there. I'm not sure I like the effect; I almost think all-brick would look better. And I need to make it about twice this size to deal with the door swings. But it's a decent start.

posted by ayse on 04/11/12


Are they liable to get their toes(?) caught in the gaps?

It certainly looks better than a mudpile, but I see your hesitation. I think it either needs to be crazier (bricks worked in amongst the pavers more, which would be tricky given the lack of matchup in any dimension), or just go with a single row of pavers at the gate and all bricks after that.

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