Moving House

The chicks are getting bigger, and their fishtank brooder was getting kind of tight, so we made them a bigger space with the dog gate, a cardboard box, and avian netting.

New chick residence

They spent several hours just clinging to their feeders and waterer in shock, then got right down to the business of kicking bedding out of the sides.


They're at the right age to start wanting to roost, so I also gave them a board to roost on. They can hop up there via the plywood box if they don't want to fly up. Noel has seen them sitting there, but I mostly see them lying in the bedding or perched on the edge of the plywood box.

Looking like a little chicken

We're definitely in the awkward teenager stage. But all three are developing their adult plumage. Still no names. But we're getting close.

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posted by ayse on 04/23/12