First Finish Tests

I got a small sampler set of ipe finish from Woodrich, so tonight I did a little sample test with it. So far the results are pretty inconclusive.

George helps me set up the sample boards

George helped me choose a couple boards and set them up for sampling. I got four different tones of stain, so two boards was just right.

Test boards after application

The stains are pretty subtle (the darkness of the boards nearer to me is an artifact of the weird clouds we had going on this evening; both sets were mostly the same colour). Maybe I put the stain on too thin? I literally poured it over the board and let it sit in a pool before wiping it loosely. Before I went to wipe off any excess it had all absorbed into the boards already.

I ordered samples from some other companies, but nothing has arrived yet, so tomorrow I am going to go by Economy Lumber and see if they have any samples of the other finishes I want to try out.

posted by ayse on 05/25/12