Side Work

It's been super hot here. Hotter than it usually is, for days in a row. I've especially noticed it because I've been working outside (working working, not working on the house working) for the last two weeks. So not a lot got done apart from some intense complaining about the weather.

Today it was even hotter -- 92F -- and Noel did some more work on the deck while I helped a friend move and did some volunteer work.

The side of the deck

He put a long board on one side of the deck, spacing it out from the side with some small spacers we made. The spacers will allow water that gets in there to drip down off the deck rather than rotting the structure.

The side of the deck

And here's the side of the deck with that board attached.

He then spent hours getting the side of the upper stair covered with boards. The spacing took some fiddling and fussing, but it was worth it. We both remarked at how it seemed like it would be a bigger issue but then turned out not to be at all. The variation in the gaps on different parts of the deck just seems to go away when you step away from them. All we have to do is ban measuring devices from the back yard.

Side and stair risers

His last trick of the day, after it cooled down a bit, was to put the risers on the lower stair. Now Rosie will not feel so anxious going up those stairs.

Sunset over the garden

And we had quite the sunset tonight. Having the deck there makes summer evenings really pleasant. I can't wait to get rid of the metal shed and put in the greenhouse.

posted by ayse on 06/16/12