Come Take Down Our Walls

Once again it is time to smash up some plaster and make an almighty mess of the house. This time we're taking down one ceiling and the (remaining) walls of both bathrooms, and you are all invited to come over and break some stuff. Specifically the stuff we tell you to, of course. Can't be breaking all kinds of random stuff we weren't planning to deal with. This is all in service of us having more than one bathroom, which I think everybody agrees is a good thing.

In addition to a certain amount of plaster whomping, there's also plaster scrubbing and a kitchen crew who will be managing meals and drinks and so forth, should your talents run somewhere other than punching holes in walls or shoveling out debris.


July 21, 9:00am until we finish. Email for directions if you need 'em.
Let us know you're coming by email, or feel free to RSVP via Facebook.

posted by ayse on 06/27/12