Bringing Sand to the Beach

This week we got back to working on the deck. I've been buried deep in a pile of plumbing and tiling research, but it would be nice to get the deck squared away before we move on to working on the bathrooms. So one weekday evening, Noel pulled out the sander and began the sanding.

Noel sanding the deck

I know it looks like unending fun. It really does not get much better than hand-sanding on your knees, does it?

Today, after a quick trip downtown with me to check out tiles and the shower drains available at our local tile place, he got back to work. He made a full pass over the deck and was working on the second when a bizarre brief rain shower came along.

It started raining, mysteriously

I mean, really. August?

It wasn't a real rain, but it was enough to stop the proceedings for the day.

The deck after sanding

The deck is looking pretty nice with all this attention. I'm guessing we'll be able to start sealing the wood next week at this rate.

Damaged plug cored out and ready to be replaced

In addition to sanding, Noel started replacing the plugs we damaged before we got the MultiMaster. Fortunately it's really easy to drill the plugs out and replace them.

posted by ayse on 08/04/12


OMG.. I still remember when you first bought this house.

congratulations you two.. amazing job, I could never have kept it up for as long as you have.

well done, and hope all is well.

Ian H (from your CNET days)

I can see why the opening for the whatsis is square, but near the bottom of the photo there seem to be a bunch of boards also ending almost in a line. Aren't floors/decks supposed to have the boards offset so they don't do that?

Karen Anne, it's the angle of the photo that makes it a little incomprehensible, but that's the edge of the stairs over the deck below. We don't have any board ends in the deck that are not for the oubliette.

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