Deck Party

A big thanks to everybody who came to celebrate our new deck(ish) today.

The railing was not finished. We got the railing parts from Economy Lumber last week and were all ready to install when we realized we'd gotten some incorrect parts, and not gotten some needed things. These were not stock items, so we had to wait until tomorrow to pick them up. Even so, we could have clobbered something together, but between traffic and other events, we ended up staring at all the railings around sunset last night just knowing we did not want to stay up late hacking away at railings to make them fit.

Noel and the girls on the deck

At least we got most of the posts installed. We think we might have gotten one panel of railing too many, but we will find out once we get going installing things.

Deck decorated for a party

So we moved the railings out of the way and put up some safety tape (actually, the only safety tape we had says "FAIL" which kind of worked). With a couple tables and the grill to block one side of the deck, it was reasonably safe.


In the spirit of celebration, we hung the President up and put up a custom banner.

Of course, it was as hot as the surface of the sun on the deck. We need to figure out some kind of shade device or I will never be able to be out there on summer days. But the deck did well even crowded with people. And now we have food for weeks as long as we want to live on fruit salad, chips, and soda.

posted by ayse on 09/03/12