Framing for Attic Stairs

Before putting in the framing for the attic stairs, Noel had to disconnect the wiring to the old bathroom ceiling light.

Hallway ceiling before

That's those knob-and-tube wires running across the ceiling on the second joist from the top.

Disconnected knob and tube wiring

It's not too complicated: turn off the circuit, cut the wires, tie off the ends with a little wire nut to keep it clean.

Three joists sistered together

Then he built the up joists (which are 2x4s, though they are rough wood so they are actually 2 inches by 4 inches, unlike modern surfaced lumber) with some 2x4s and super long bolts.

Central joists cut

He used the laser level to line up the cuts on the joists, which came out pretty cleanly.

headers installed

True 2x4 joists cannot be hung from the headers with standard joist hangers, so Noel used paired L brackets on either side. And a joist bracket on the end because the new piece of wood is modern lumber.

Framed opening for the attic ladder

And then he had a framed opening for the attic ladder.

posted by ayse on 10/14/12