New Year, New Thing

Hey, yes, I know we haven't posted much lately, and that is because we haven't been working on the house. Not on our house, at least. For the last week we've been helping a friend of ours clean up his house after the death of his long-term partner who was an artist with a bit of hoarding tendency. The big truck has come in very handy, and we're nowhere near done.

The cleanup is one thing, but while cleaning we've noticed a lot of maintenance issues with his house. He is "the least handy person ever" in his own words, so Noel and I discussed it and decided to do some work on his house -- wiring fixes, re-caulking his tub, replacing a ventilation fan in the bathroom, maybe resodding his tiny lawn, that sort of thing. So maybe a little later this year we'll do some posts that are a sort of like Casa Decrepit on the road or something.

In the meantime, I'm going through last year's plans and comparing to our actual progress, and working on the plans for this year. This is both depressing and inspiring.

posted by ayse on 01/01/13


Good for you! You will certainly get good 'house karma' for doing this, plus a nice warm feeling in your soul.

Happy New Years to both of you! What a wonderful thing you're doing for your friend, thank you!

Good on ya for helping a friend! Happy New Year!

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