We've spent the last four weekends working with our friend on clearing out his house and, this last weekend, yard.

A couple weeks ago we piled up some bags of trash and recycling in the truck:

First load to the dump

That was kind of a quickie load. Luckily the dump will take not just garbage but recycling, so it's one stop.

Then this week we got a group of people together to work and loaded up the truck as full as it could go.

The truck full of stuff for the dump

Now THAT is a dump run.

It's been lots of work, but progress has been good: we've got even larger stacks of boxes full of stuff to give away, and whole rooms, previously inaccessible, are now back in use.

It has kind of been hard to be taking this time away from our own house: I'd love to be further along on the bathrooms. But it's also been wonderful to be able to do something to help a friend. Also: we're almost all the way through the first level sort of everything in the house, which is enormous progress for only a month of work.

posted by ayse on 01/21/13