A Dog and a Catalog

If Noel's insane new piano isn't enough to convince you we've kind of lost our minds here, this is my latest acquisition:

Holy Names card catalog

It's a card catalog, in pretty much original condition, from Holy Names University in Oakland (via a former faculty member, who sold it to me). The classic mid-century modern style is much like the card catalogs in the library where my parents work. It's a stand-alone piece of furniture, which is nice; most card catalogs were built-in cabinetry, and many of them have been chopped into smaller pieces.

The very sad dog is confused at being asked to model. You'd think I'd tried to kill her or clean her ears or something.

The real insanity of this is how heavy it is. About 300 lbs, easily. Noel and our neighbor Richard heaved it out of the seller's second-story apartment and into the truck, then Noel apparently bribed half the neighborhood with homebrew to get it out of the truck this afternoon while I was out with friends.

Now I need to get my hands on some unused cards. I'm guessing they're still making those, out of sheer inertia if nothing else. Because we haven't been calling the back parlour the library for no reason.

posted by ayse on 02/03/13


Oh, that's nice. Civilization slid further downhill when library card catalogs started disappearing.

I'd be tempted to use this as sorting system for all my screws, bolts, nails, and other small hardware pieces. Heck, with all these drawers on hand, I'd even separate my galvanized screws from the brass ones and the stainless ones. I LOVE organizing and labelling stuff, in case you haven't already figured that out : -)))

This librarian is very jealous of your beautiful acquisition. AWESOME.

Still making those? Why yes, yes they do.


I love your card catalog and I'm jealous! I miss them at the library so much.

See, I knew all I had to do was go to work and let somebody else google it up for me.

I got one of these just before Christmas. I work at a Catholic HS, and they were going to throw it out. It is solid pecan, and heavy as heck! While I kept a few of the original cards and card dividers, my plan is to use it for craft storage. Enjoy your new piece!

That's right. I'm just living vicariously through your card-catalog ownership. Does it smell like library still?

I am so jealous I would love to have one of those, I would use it to catalog my books. Now I dont have enough to fill the whole thing, but some of the drawers. I so miss the card catalog at the library I cant figure out how to use the computer system they have. Ok I hate it with a passion, just so glad I know the dewey decimal system.

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