Small Progress

So, I meant to post this on Monday, but a medical emergency interfered. I had a stroke. I was lucky enough to have this stroke while in the emergency room at a stroke care center, damage was minimal (I lost my balance), I was released today, and I'm expected to make a full recovery. So good news, but kind of a derailment of lots of plans.

With that, let me show you some of the work Noel did last weekend.

Taking down the plastic

The warmer weather means we can take down the plastic we draped all over the upstairs bathroom to keep the heat from just pouring out the roof. It also makes it a bit easier to actually work in there.

Hanging the work light

It is a bit dark, so Noel rigged up this board with nails to hold the work lamp overhead.

All the wood wainscoating removed in the bathroom

We spent some time discussing how to make the profile of the wainscoating in the hallway match what was in the bathroom. For those who have forgotten, we are removing all the wood wainscoating from the bathroom but installing it along the new hallway. The bathroom will be tiled to wainscoating height. I'm just not a big fan of wood anywhere near water.

You can see above that Noel removed all the wainscoating from the side of the bathroom that will have the sink and toilet. Removing the old woodwork in this house is tedious work, what with all the nails being rusty and irregular so they don't pull out cleanly.

In the end we decided that we'd get some plywood to furr out the wall -- that will also give us a secure attachment for the wainscoating. So a trip to get plywood is in order (though it might wait until we've both had a bit of rest; it's been a rough week).

Filthy cat

In the meantime, somehow Mr Kitty has managed to get filthier than he has been in a long time. I think it took him a record half an hour to turn all his white parts gray.

posted by ayse on 05/18/13