This evening we decided to just get in there and seal the deck. This would be the sealing we planned to do last NOVEMBER, but were unable to do because of weather that was rainy every weekend when we had time. And a few other minor interruptions.

The deck, ready to be sealed

Here we go. Setting sun making crazy contrast is not going to stop us! This is the deck before we got started.

Taping up the post bases

I went around and taped up all the little covers on the base of the railing posts. They only cover a minuscule portion of the deck, but they do get in the way. And we have a lot of tape.

And sealed!

Sealing always takes less time than we expect. It's really the setup that takes so long, getting everything clean and prepped to be sealed, mixing up the can of sealant, finding brushes. Tedious. Otherwise it was maybe an hour or two of work, with a lot of that just kind of hanging around waiting for sealant to be absorbed.

Looks pretty nice

Noel's theory was that the sealant might remove or hide those water stains on the stair risers, and he was right. There's still a bit where he wants to do some sanding around the sides of the deck (you can see it on the left there), but the top is resealed.

That piece of plywood is there to block the deck stairs to the dogs, so they don't get deck oil all over their paws and subsequently the house.

Supervisory crew hard at work

Speaking of, the crew was hard at work making sure there was no slacking on the job site.

posted by ayse on 08/17/13