Tree Trimming


Yesterday this sign showed up:

Tree trimming sign

This was a little late in the show, since a large branch got knocked off our street tree by a truck a couple months ago. But good enough; the little street tree did need pruning and thinning.

(In theory we can hire tree trimmers for the street tree, but in reality I have spent more time asking the city to allow us to remove and replace this tree with a better one, which they can't seem to figure out how to let us do. Not that I'm certain there is even a framework for causing trouble for us for just doing it, but with a neighbor who already likes to file false police reports about us it's not worth giving anybody any ammunition.)

Anyway. Yay for tree trimming! We have been anticipating this for a week or two, watching the trimmers work their way down the street towards us.


So this morning I popped out and took a before photo. It's the tree that is tilted, not the photo. Our street tree is very sad, though not nearly as sad as before our irrigation system started watering it.


And after. I think it looks a little like a kid who just got his school haircut, but it is much lighter and hopefully will be healthier, too.

posted by ayse on 09/06/13