Everybody Stand Clear!

It might be a good month to avoid coming in contact with us, if you believe in bad luck. Because, heck. Sometime this afternoon, Dolly died. She wasn't even noticeably sick or unwell; I was out talking with her yesterday and then today the neighbor whose little kid loves to play with the chickens let us know there was a chicken down.

I admit that when I heard that one of the light-feathered chickens was lying in the yard, clearly dead, I briefly hoped it wasn't Carole. Not just because Carole is the lone survivor of our first batch of chickens, though that was part of it, but because she has so much personality.

Chicken yard extension progress

Carole and Dolly were great friends. Especially as they ended up being the two oldest chickens, they hung out together and filled in for each other. Of course, Dolly was always Carole Light.

Dolly was a pretty great chicken. She was a good layer to the end, and always up to eat a bunch of snails. Somehow she managed to escape from the chicken yard multiple times over the last couple months, but she was so charming that I was always happy to help her back in.

We're going to miss her. And the rest of you, until this cloud of bad luck passes.

posted by ayse on 10/24/13