SOMEBODY busted a hole in the chicken yard. Actually, three holes, over time, each of which we had been blocking with various yard debris until we got around to repairing the fence. But she would shove that stuff aside and get in again. Yesterday we found the chickens running around the yard, and then Rosie was caught inside the fence this afternoon.

The guilty party

Goldie was guilty of about 90 percent of naughty dog stuff, but with only one dog present, we are pretty sure who is the culprit this time. Despite the innocent looks.

The chicken wire torn out

The chicken wire on the lower part of the fence was trashed, and obvious blocking the holes was not working, so this afternoon we ripped the lower wire out.

Replacing with hardware cloth

We replaced it with 1/2" hardware cloth, because even a highly motivated Rosie will not chew through that.

Plumbers tape at the top and bottom

The hardware cloth is secured to the structure with screws through plumber's tape at the top and bottom. And eventually at the sides, but we ran out of the stuff after the hardware store had closed.

Looking fancy

As with everything in the chicken yard, it looks great right now, and in a week will be covered in dirty cobwebs and half-buried in dirt.

posted by ayse on 12/22/13


I believe some predators can dig underneath a fence. Not saying one of the dogs would do that, but other critters. I have the dim idea coop fencing extends down into the ground some distance.

Oh, they could, but those predators come at night when the chickens are locked up inside the coop (which has a concrete floor, to keep out digging predators). The fence is open at the top, so it really serves to keep the chickens in and dogs out, more than as a barrier to predators.

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