Porch, Back, and Sighs

The guys were back at it again this morning at 08:00.

They each worked on different parts of the build. Guillermo first removed the forms around the concrete footing:

the concrete forms removed

Then he installed a few steps and risers so he'd have something to which to fit the center stringer:

the first few steps

After some measuring, he used a circular saw to cut the steps into a piece of 2x10 pressure-treated stock. He finished up the corners of the cuts with a jigsaw:

cutting the center stringer

It wasn't long before Guillermo was back to installing the steps and risers. He's fastening the last one here:

installing the last step

He then installed the handrail and cut it to length. Here he is measuring one of the ends:

measuring the handrail

Meanwhile, Eduardo worked on the porch railing. He first cut a bunch of stiles:

cutting the stiles.jpg

Then he installed the ones on the ends:

installing the end stile

And then he measured the length and marked the installation locations:

measuring for spacing

When I returned a bit later, he was lining up the stiles to be tacked in place with a brad nailer:

installing the stiles

After the installation of the stiles, he tacked on some decorative pieces:

tacking on a decorative piece

The guys have made quick work of it all. They're both very friendly, and it's great to have them working around the place. Here they are on the nearly-completed porch (Guillermo on the left, Eduardo on the right):


While the guys were working on the porch, I returned to the seemingly endless task of siding.

I put a "sighs" in the title of this post because that's what I seemed to do a lot today. "Look, I've abraded my arm on a concrete block again." Sigh. "I need to wedge myself under the irrigation system in order to install this board." Sigh. "Great, more rocks and soil down my pants as I try to shimmy out from under the deck." Sigh.

I didn't bother taking a lot of progress photos today because I just wanted to get it over and done. Here's the siding behind the killer salvia:

siding installed behind the killer salvia

And here's a view from the deck itself:

siding on the back

Now we need to decide how to install the flashing between the old siding and the new...

posted by noel on 10/19/14