Links: Kitchen Design

A little oddly, for two people who are so big into cooking, we've been working on removing things from our kitchen design. A lot of my clients have dream kitchens all mapped out in their heads, but with careful thinking about how we want to live, Noel and I are finding hat having adequate storage nearby, plus a good-sized work surface is worth more than a dozen specialized cabinets and gadgets.

So we're going to go kind of overboard on a really great stove (as a reward for twelve years of tolerating our incredibly bad stove), and the fantasy appliances like wall ovens, drawer fridges, and pizza oven are on the outs. I'm sure we will still be a thousand times happier with our new design than we have been with our existing kitchen.

And here are some links I've been reading about kitchen design:

posted by ayse on 01/11/15