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A little oddly, for two people who are so big into cooking, we've been working on removing things from our kitchen design. A lot of my clients have dream kitchens all mapped out in their heads, but with careful thinking about how we want to live, Noel and I are finding hat having adequate storage nearby, plus a good-sized work surface is worth more than a dozen specialized cabinets and gadgets.

So we're going to go kind of overboard on a really great stove (as a reward for twelve years of tolerating our incredibly bad stove), and the fantasy appliances like wall ovens, drawer fridges, and pizza oven are on the outs. I'm sure we will still be a thousand times happier with our new design than we have been with our existing kitchen.

And here are some links I've been reading about kitchen design:

posted by ayse on 01/11/15


Back when we had our showroom, we had one client who had great intentions but overboard thoughts for a high end flip. He wanted over 13 appliances in the kitchen. Several being duplicates. I had to argue that the amount of appliances took over nearly all available space severely impacting any storage. He ended up going belly up and losing the property prior to the kitchen even starting.

What stove are you getting? I have to replace mine eventually since the oven is rusting out (it is avacado green to give you an idea of the age.) I don't want an electronic touch pad for the oven but it looks like the ones without cost $$$$.

We are going to get a Blue Star. I've seen nothing but good stuff about them, and clients with them love them.

My two personal tips for kitchen design, which I'm sure you already know, but we didn't in advance.

1) Make sure you can open your fridge doors. That means, the hinge can't go tight against the wall. There needs to be roughly a foot between the edge of the fridge and the wall. From personal experience, you'll feel like an idiot when you make this mistake.

2) A pantry is worth its wait in cabinets. I can't believe how much more you can fit in a pantry than you can in dozens of cabinets. Our 2 foot by 4 foot pantry with L-shaped built-in fixed shelves at varying heights (picked based on things we store) holds more than the rest of our cabinets combined.

I don't even think about the refrigerator thing any more, it's such a common mistake, but that does make it worth mentioning. And I am with you on a pantry. I love ours.

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