Getting on the Wagon

The last couple of weekends we have been slowly working on things to get ready for another inspection.

ventilation duct in downstair bathroom

There was a bit of a spatial puzzle to solve in getting the ventilation ductwork to the downstairs bathroom. Eventually it was just more time with the Fein tool and shoving it. The upstairs fans will be easy to duct.

Shower plumbing

We finished attaching the shower plumbing supply lines, and capped them for testing.

Sink supply lines

And also capped the lines at the various other fixtures. This afternoon we turned on the water and found some leaks, so things got tightened up. A few pieces need more teflon tape, we think, so we turned the water off again.

We'd like to get this stuff finished up and inspected so we can close up more walls.

That seems like not so much, because we also spent a bit of time cleaning up some construction debris:

Truck full of stuff

We filled the truck up and did a dump run. We have at least one more load worth of stuff we are getting rid of to cart off, as well. But not right now.

Continual packing

We have also gotten a good start on packing up books and emptying out bookcases. Since we are going to have built-in bookcases made, we are giving away our existing bookcases. Some to friends, anything left to a school that can use them.

The house is in total chaos right now. I was pretty sure the open construction zone was the worst it could be but it turns out that if you combine that with packing AND add in a clumsy new dog, things go downhill fast. On the other hand, I made an enormous pile of books to give away and I'm feeling pretty good about that.

posted by ayse on 03/15/15