Stairs for the Stairs

I had to stop washing the old paint off the plaster walls of the hallway because I could not figure out how to get the scaffolding, or even a ladder, over the curved part of the stair. Then I had the stroke which made climbing around on iffy scaffolding unrecommended for a few months, and then we just kind of dropped it.

This weekend I asked Noel if he would build me a platform for the stairs so I could finish that part of the work (and get on to repairing plaster in general).

A series of boxes

My idea for the platform was to make it as a series of boxes sitting on the stairs. The boxes could be bolted together, or taken apart for storage in case we need them again.

Must allow a dog to walk past

Noel thought the boxes should be smaller than the stairs, so as to allow cats and dogs to go by, even if they have to do it on the most scary part of the stairs. In the past when I have set up the scaffolding, animals have been trapped wherever they were when I set things up, and there has been DRAMA about NEEDING to be upstairs or downstairs. This makes it easier for us to get by the scaffolding, too, which is nice for going to the bathroom.

The base of the platform

He spent much of the day today putting the base together, and then we'll lay a piece of plywood over the top to roll the scaffolding onto. Then I can get back to work and finish that corner.

posted by ayse on 05/17/15