Number Two

Big, notable progress today.

We spent the weekend working on drywall, which is always a joyride. Those of you who follow our page on Facebook may have noted a slightly annoyed post about the lack of squareness in this house, which is especially notable around the staircase (actually the rest of the house is very square for its age).

Drywall is just tedious. There's measuring, and then remeasuring, then this tedious cutting process:

cutting drywall

...and then sometimes you made a piece too large to fit through the door so you have to cut it into smaller pieces. That kind of fun thing.

Animal support squad

Fortunately, we had our animal support squad, with a little temporary help from neighbor dog Chester, who was staying with us for a few days. He has an inappropriate obsession with Bunny, so he always enjoys his time here.

But let's see the work, shall we?

I made some side by side before and after pictures this time, three different views of the powder room.

Facing the front of the house, or the toilet end of the room:

before and after

And the back of the house, or the vanity end of the room:

before and after

And then, the extra special shot, straight up (this was a lot less messy to take as a before picture, when the entire floor of the bathroom was not covered in drywall dust):

look at our crazy ceiling

Yeah, check out that ceiling. The framing for the underside of the stairs has a curve to it. We decided to go with the modern building code requirement of a one-hour fire rated ceiling under a staircase, which calls for 5/8" drywall, so it's not like we could just bend it to fit the curve. There will be some adjustments made in taping, but right now it looks like we were really, really high when we did this.

Then it was evening, and we had the bathroom all drywalled up, and why not?

We have two toilets again

So now we have two toilets again, which is super nice. And this one has the fancy Japanese robot toilet seat, too. We got water EVERYWHERE testing it out.

Mr Kitty approves.

posted by ayse on 08/02/15