More Demolition

The all demolition, all the time continues. Today the piles of roofing debris in the kitchen and dining room went away. (Don't worry, there's a whole upper roof left to remove, all forty layers of it.) (Slight exaggeration.)

Sweeping up

To the right in the photo the wood that slants down to the floor is bracing the exterior wall. Right in front of you you will see our terrible vinyl floor tiles back for a cameo before going away forever.

Whole bunch more demo

Today the guys took down the back wall upstairs. We are putting in a continuous shear wall from the foundation to the attic along that plane, so the framing on both sides of the wall needed to be revealed.

And of course the line of the upper roof is changing because of the addition, so some of that will be coming down too, eventually.

One step

From the upstairs hall, there's just one step, but it's a doozy. The ceiling joists had to be taken out because they were too small to hold a real second floor. A new floor will be framed in their place.

(That plywood used to be for keeping cats from climbing around in the walls that they could get into from the former Cat Room in the low attic. It's not structural at all.)

posted by ayse on 06/08/16