Everybody's Had a Bad Year

This morning I found out what happened to the roofers. The reason they showed up and left was that one of them had chest pains, and went to the hospital where he had to have emergency heart surgery, and the other guy was his brother. But they have promised that somebody will be on site today and by Monday they will be here with a full crew of workers to get the roof done in the next couple of weeks. I'm glad the first guy is going to be OK; though heart surgery is never a vacation, it sure beats not being alive enough to have heart surgery.

In the meantime, we passed out sprinkler inspection, and all the other rough inspections are happening today, so insulation will start going in soon, and shortly thereafter we can get drywall which will make everybody happy.

We talked through stair details today which was fairly easy, and a couple other interior details. I've also got some stuff to detail out for the side porch and back entrance.

Our next big thing is tile. I need to provide all the tile specs for the tile subcontractor so he can work out what he needs, which means gathering those up and marking up a plan. Fortunately I got all the tile chosen and downloaded specs for it weeks ago, so it's just a matter of putting the information together in a readable format before we do a walkthrough in the next week or so.

In many cases, even if I provide a plan I also need to do a walkthrough, because many contractors take in information best in a conversation, and it gives them a chance to ask me any questions that come up right away. Skilled craftsmen have a much deeper knowledge of their trade than I do, and can see questions that I didn't anticipate, so walkthroughs are always helpful.

posted by ayse on 12/01/16