More More Drywall

Drywall continues. I'm actually feeling pretty good about the pace these guys are taking; I would be feeling much more inadequate about our speed of install if they were already done. I mean, I know there's no way I could keep up the pace they do, but they aren't mind-blowingly fast.

Bay window bedroom

The bay window bedroom (not sure why I've been calling it that, since the front bedroom also has a bay window) is actually done now.

Front bedroom

The front bedroom has boards up where it's going to get them.

Front bathroom

The Accordion Room, aka front bathroom is also all boarded up.

Kitchen looking back

The kitchen is taking shape (the guys were working down in the back entry when I took this).

The stove wall of the kitchen

I suspect there is a problem with this wall, because this will have tile on it. This is the stove wall in the kitchen.

Dining room

And the dining room, viewed from the kitchen.

It looks like they are on track to get the boarding done by the weekend.

posted by ayse on 12/28/16

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