Dust and Water

The rains have been pretty intense, and there is a lot of water in California, now. And a lot of that water is in the ground around our house.

What does that mean for us? Well, the sump filled up because the pump couldn't get the water out fast enough, and water filled up the entire sump. For that to happen the entire drainage field under the slab had to have filled up with water, too. The sheer volume of water this represents is kind of astonishing, given the last few years of drought.

The sump is full

With the intervention of Noel and the contractor, we brought in extra pumps and dumped that water out on the street (because at this point the back yard is totally saturated).

Draining to the street

Noel was unfortunately away at a family funeral this weekend, so I took on sump monitoring responsibilities, checking up on it in the morning and afternoon each day. Once we got the whole thing drained and changed it to just dump the water in the storm drain, the levels stayed down properly.

How the sump should look

This is much more what I expect to see when I look in there.

Because I was at the house a lot this weekend, I got to say hi to the drywall guys, who were sanding.

A little drywall dust

Guys, I thought I knew what a lot of drywall dust was like, I thought I understood how dusty this can be. My experience of drywall sanding was nothing compared to the amount of dust these guys were making.

Lots and lots of dust

These photos were from Saturday morning and they were at the house sanding all weekend. It is almost ridiculously dusty in there. I am so glad I am 1) not doing this myself, and 2) not living there while that is happening.

posted by ayse on 02/12/17