Exciting Roof News

It's been raining for a few days, and when I went to the house today to do some small maintenance things, I noticed water leaking down around the vent hood.

What the heck?

I followed the duct up through the house, seeing water running down the side through the access panel on the second floor, then up to the attic where there was this:

Water leaking in the attic

The very best thing about hiring a really good contractor to do the work on the house is that I was able to call the contractor up, and less than an hour later his guys showed up and I showed them what was going on.

Out on the roof

Eventually we ended up here: the guys went over to the top of the vent duct and saw it was not covered. Roof vents are supposed to have a weatherproof covering on them, like this article shows.

Ours had no covers.

So the roofer was called, and in the meantime the guys went up on the roof and covered the vents with plastic to keep the rain out, which was necessary because it was just pouring. In the five minutes I was looking out the roof access hatch I got soaked.

It turned out the roofer had the covers fabricated and sitting in their shop. I have no idea why they never installed them, because not doing so was just stupid. They showed up, put the covers on, and so far so good.

The big winner of the day were the roof tiedowns:

Roof tiedowns

We had these put in so roofers and other folks on the roof for whatever reason could strap in. This is pretty important on a high roof, more important when that roof is slippery metal, and even more important when that metal is even more slippery because it is sheeting down rain.

Anyway, that was a lively distraction for half the day, and I don't know how much work Woody got done because he was quite agitated from the experience.

The other good outcome was that Woody told the contractor's guys he'd been trying to get the scaffolding sub out to remove a section of scaffolding and getting no response, and they are going to handle it, which is great. We should be able to see the side of the house soon.

posted by ayse on 01/08/18