The First Spray

So earlier this week I teased you with this photo:

A preview of what is to come

Because Woody took a day off the carpentry exercise that is the east side of the house and did some spraying in the addition (that would be the two new back bedrooms).

The hallway closed off

He sprays the first primer coat and the trim because of both speed and also a nice smooth coat of paint with no brush lines, so that meant sealing off the back upstairs hallway both at the stairs and the middle door.

First coat of primer

It's funny. The hall felt pretty "done" to me before. But seeing paint going on it looks a lot more done. And sure, this is just primer, and not the final colour coat, but it looks pretty amazing.

Bedroom 4

And because he's spraying the walls, he also sprays the doors, both sides, at the same time. Getting the sprayer set up and ready is enough work that you kind of want to use it as much as possible when you've done that.

The next step is to sand the trim again: the first layer of paint raises up the grain and makes the wood fuzzy and that needs to be sanded down for a nice glossy finish. Then he'll spray the trim the final colour (Benjamin Moore Super White in most of the house), then cut-and-roll the wall and ceiling colours in because not every surface is the same colour.

Bedroom 3

So the two back bedrooms and the hallway have a first coat of primer. The next day he was back outside, and there's plenty more work to be done, but it was a nice break and it's great to see some progress inside, too.

Afterwards, Woody said, "I'm going to need more of the trim paint for the whole house; it's bigger than I originally estimated." I know that feeling.

posted by ayse on 05/25/18