The Unpinkening Resumes

Thank you to everybody who offered up suggestions of painters, or offers to help with the painting. We were not without resources, and within a day of getting all of Woody's stuff out of the house, I'd hired a new painter and we were well on our way to completion. In fact, I now have a contract stating that the interior paint job will be complete in less than eight weeks. So there you go.

And how fast are these guys working? So fast.

Staircase paint removal

I keep going to the house and seeing more woodwork bare and ready for painting. The most dramatic is the handrail, which they sanded clean (because it would be a pain in the butt to strip it with chemicals or heat).


The woodwork upstairs is now all stripped and sanded, as well. Not sure why this was taking Woody so long to do, because big flat panels are a great place to just sand with a power sander.

Handrail curve

I will say, the handrail looks really nice all pink-free. It's kind of surprising how nice it looks. Yes, I know the pink is awful, but I'm able to see beyond just colours most of the time.

Stripped door

The doors upstairs are all stripped, as well, and sanded. The painted doors downstairs are in progress. You can see why we're going back to paint on these doors: the wood, while very fine wood, is not really going to look very nice if just finished clear.

The sprinkler is in the wrong place

This morning I walked through the house with the electrician, and noticed this for the first time. You probably don't see it, but there's a huge problem here. The spinkler head is in the location where the original ceiling medallion is supposed to be. So at some expense, we are having the sprinkler installer come out, move the head, and then we can put the junction box for the chandelier in its original location.

posted by ayse on 12/18/18