You Want Colour? We Have Colour

The painters have pretty much made it through the upstairs, with a little detail work to get done here and there.

Here's the view down the upstairs hall looking towards the front of the house:

Upstairs hallway

It's a lot of gray, because we have a lot of art which will be hanging on these walls.

Bedroom 4

This is the far back bedroom, Bedroom 4. This is the one I asked Woody to finish for me in March so I could move my office here and work from the house. Well, maybe I should have specified which March I meant.

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3, aka the bay window bedroom (which I think of that way even though the front bedroom also has a bay window). Noel chose this colour.

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2, formerly the back bedroom, which is our room. It's a little hard to see in there because the doors are still drying.

Bedroom 1

And Bedroom 1, the front bedroom. At some point we are planning to put some built-in cabinets along the blank wall you see there with a murphy bed for guests.

Front bathroom

Here's the front bathroom. The colours here are actually from the outside: the pale gray is the same as the main body of the house, and the dark gray is the base of the house. I chose them mostly because they match the marble floor tile, not because I'm doing something exciting to match the exterior.

Front upstairs hall

And by the way, there's no more pink left. It's almost like it's somebody else's house.

Looking down the stairs

The painters decided to completely finish the upstairs before moving downstairs, so the paint just kind of ends on the staircase. The wall paint is matte, which is the easiest to blend and touch-up. It also makes it so there is no glaring shininess on the walls.

Today the painters have moved downstairs. They took all the doors off the library:

Library painting prep

(Construction workers are fueled by sodas, as evidenced by the two cases of Coke the foreman dropped off yesterday.)

They carefully labelled all the hinge hardware and doors so everything would go back in the right places:

All the hinges

And there are quite a few stacks of doors around the house:

Library cabinet doors

These ones in the hallway...

More library cabinet doors

and these ones in the pantry.

Hanging framework for painting cabinet doors

They made these hanging setups for the doors, so they can hang them up and spray them quickly. There's one in the front parlour and this one in the kitchen.

The doors will be primed today and tomorrow, then the general contractor will come through and install the glass, then they can do the finish paint.

posted by ayse on 01/14/19