A Walk Through the House

We did some organizing at the house today, finding all the light fixtures and bath accessories, inventorying the light bulbs we need to provide, and getting ready for the ceiling medallions to be installed. And since the painters were out, I took some photos with the wide-angle lens for you, because I care.

First the front entry. The stairs are taped off to protect them from damage.

Entry with stairs

You can also see the stairs through the new widened doorway to the front parlour.

Front parlour

This is one of the best parts of the renovation because you can now see all the way to the back yard from the front room.

Front parlour

The Victorians had good reasons for the way they broke up their houses and kept kitchens and bathrooms away from the living areas. But we don't live like that.

Looking forward

We were always able to see out the front bay window, but I just like this shot a lot.


The library looks pretty amazing. The painters accidentally painted it the wrong colour but it actually works just fine for me like this so we are leaving it. At some point in the next week or so the cabinet maker is coming to install door stops and so on.


I showed you the kitchen yesterday. Checking today, the ceiling is the right colour. I thought it wouldn't match the tile colour so well but guess what? It matches really well. Yes, I am that good, so good that I assumed a good match was a mistake.

Dining room

The dining room is pretty great, too. This is Benjamin Moore Caliente and it was totally worthy of being Color of the Year.

Pantry hall

Looking from the dining room to the front of the house.

Powder room

This shot is a little subtle because the powder room is so small that even the wide angle lens can't really show it all. The sink is being fabricated for this room.


The inside of the elevator is Tardis blue. I have this idea to use strips of wood to make the shape of Tardis walls here, so this is outside the Tardis. Combining a Dr Who reference with a Hitchhikers joke. Yes.

Back stairs

I was concerned that this back stairwell would be too bright. I think the darker paint colour helps make it less overwhelming. Of course, it was a dreary, rainy day today so it was extra dark.

Upstairs hall

Upstairs they've pulled up the floor protection. Some of the floor finish got damaged so we need to have the contractor look into that, but I think it looks pretty amazing even so.

Upstairs hall

Looking the other way. The electrician has been installing (in this case re-installing) light fixtures.

Front bathroom

The front bathroom looks pretty stellar. We are actually going to paint the tub a darker blue, but that is waiting until a few other things get finished up.

Bedroom 1

The front bedroom. I'm glad we took out the old chase for the chimney. This room is so much more usable without that.

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2, or our bedroom. Apparently I forgot I designed a chandelier in here? I sure didn't order one.

Middle bathroom

The middle bathroom looks pretty great. That red ceiling is perfect. Only five coats of paint!

Back bathroom

The back bathroom looks less heavily draped in plastic these days. That's the towel warmer and some plumbing fittings in there on the bench.

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3, looking very blue. I do like that pendant fixture in the bay.

Bedroom 4

And Bedroom 4. Just a really solid large bedroom.

Yesterday I walked through with the general contractor and we put together a bunch of punch lists. I have one more large set of drawings to do for them, then I get a brief rest while they come up with more things for me to do. Woot.

posted by ayse on 02/09/19