Medallions in Place

Last weekend Todd put in yeoman work and got all the pieces of the medallions installed. Then the electricians got to work wiring the chandeliers through them.

Front parlour medallion

In the front parlour the medallion looks great. The plaster is glued to the ceiling with construction adhesive, then screwed in place. The painters will come through in a couple of weeks and fill the cracks and paint it.

Back parlour medallion

The back parlour medallion is a little simpler but looks great, too. The screws are less obvious on this one.

Front bedroom medallion

You can hardly tell this medallion was saved from the trash. And I love this bloopy modern light fixture. It's a little odd in daylight but at night it just glows like a bloopy weird bloop.

Entry medallion with chandelier

Here's the front entry medallion. This fixture is a reproduction of a period gas fixture very similar to the ones that were in the house, dangerously wired for electrical service. All the period charm without all the period fire hazards!

(The plain white dot on the ceiling is the sprinkler head.)

When I was last at the house, the electricians were doing the painful task of hanging the chandelier in the dining room, which I will save photos of until all the crystals are hung. It looks great, if a little gigantic (with no furniture in the house it's hard to see scale; dining room fixtures should hang pretty low when they are over a table).

posted by ayse on 02/28/19