Getting the Magnolia Did

This year I hired an arborist to prune the Magnolia out front (Magnolia 'Jon-Jon'). The arborist I chose was the Cycling Arborist, Michael Thurman.

Here's the tree before:

Magnolia before

This tree is right about at his limit for tree size, which was pretty evident when he got up on the ladder and got to work.

Arborist in the tree

I really just wanted a light cleanup, opening up the branches a little, getting more light into the center of the tree and showing the structure of the trunk.

Magnolia after

And after pruning, you can see the shape of the tree is more clean, and there's a lot more light in there.

The ground view of the magnolia

I also really like how the tree feels from below, which is, let's face it, about 90 percent of how I experience it. Anyway, I was super happy with Michael's work and highly recommend him if you live in Alameda.

While Michael worked, I weeded out the front beds and picked up all the weird little pieces of trash from the garden, which felt pretty good. I'm really ready to be back in my house.

posted by ayse on 05/09/19


I cannot get over how much this tree has grown. Not seeing regular garden updates for almost two years (?) has really made a difference. So glad to see that it survived all the activity around your house! Always love seeing your updates.

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